Intimate Area Brightening Cream

Do you want to brighten any of the following:

  • Vaginal area
  • Anal or Buttocks area
  • Areolas and Nipples

Our Intimate Brightening Cream has been carefully designed to gently yet effectively brighten one's sensitive areas such as the genitals, areolas, anus and under arms*. By using Biofade’s Intimate Brigtening Cream, the brightening process, which has recently grown in popularity, is now available for consumers to perform in the privacy of their own home. This natural brightening process is safe even for the most delicate skin types.

Intimate Area Cream Directions:

Apply thin layer evenly over desired area twice daily until fully absorbed into the skin. Once desired results are reached, continue use as needed. For sensitive skin, test overnight on a small area.

Price: $59.95