Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions we have been asked most frequently by our customers. If these questions don't help you answer your question, please contact us.

Does Biofade Brightening Cream work?

Our products are clinically proven to brighten the effected areas. We offer a *45 Day return policy if you are not completely satisfied with the product.

Does Biofade Brightening Cream Contain Any Harmful Ingredients or Chemicals?

There is no mercury or hydroquinone in any of our brightening creams. Our products contain all natural ingredients.

Should I combine anything else with Biofade Brightening Cream?

We don't recommend combining any other cream with Biofade at the time of use. This is to assure you that the cream does work as intended, and also so it doesn't cause any type of irritation from mixing different creams. If using the brightening cream while being exposed to the sun, we would advise using sunblock to help protect area from any UV rays.

Can I use the brightening creams if I am pregnant?

We do not recommend using any brightening cream if you are pregnant.

Can I use an exfoliator in combination with Biofade Brightening Cream?

Using an exfoliator will cause your skin to become very sensitive, so we recommend not using any type of brightening cream while exfoliating.

When should I stop using Biofade Brightening Cream?

Use the brightening cream as directed until you achieve your desired skin tone results.

Do you use an airless bottle?

Yes we do! With our Biofade Brightening Cream, we use an airless bottle to keep our product as effective as possible. If exposed, oxygen reduces the potency and effectiveness of the brightening cream, so it's important to keep as much oxygen out as possible. It is a bottle that contains no air remaining in the part of the bottle that holds the cream once you start to use it. This bottle is much more expensive but necessary for a quality brightening cream product.

Why is Biofade Brightening Cream so much less expensive then the competition?

Competitors not only overcharge but also get their cream solution from a third party manufacturer. We have our own lab research scientists and qualifed doctors that work with Biofade to provide us the best product for the best price. We manufacter all of our own products in mass production so we're able to pass all these savings onto the customer.